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Personal Concierge Makeup Shopping

Service Description

With all the makeup products out there it can be hard to figure out what products work best for you. Sometimes the professionals at the beauty counters just can’t get it right or lack knowledge on good products and makeup routines (I have tried so many different products so you do not have to). We will create a budget and determine what products I will shop for to best fit your skin type. The more the budget, the more products you get and the higher end the products may be. Makeup is very expensive so in order to book there is a $100 minimum budget. We need to ensure we have enough funds to purchase at least enough products for a basic makeup routine. There is also a $50 service fee for each hour. So after we determine your budget there will be a automatic $50 flat charge to the total to cover first hour of shopping, any additional hours added will need to be addressed at the pick up of your products. After you receive your products enjoy a flawless full face with products customized to fit you or book my "Learn Your Own Face" one-on-one located under the "Book Online" tab.





***Everything is optional, you can choose what products you want the most and I will go out to find the ones I think will be the best fit for you. Recommend Beauty Products: (Avg. prices are estimated)

Primer- $6-$42

Foundation- $8-$50

Press Powder Foundation- $6-$30

Concealer (2 shade for highlighting/contouring) $5-$30


Setting Powder- $23-$35

Setting Spray- $15-$30

Eyeshadow Primer- $6-$14

Eyeshadow Palette- $7-$40

Eyebrow Pencil/Pomade- $6-$20

Highlighter- $7-$25

Eyelash strip/glue- $4-$30

Beauty Blender- $10-$20

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